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MoN Proudly presents:

DotC - Defense of the Core.

(Xonotic's version of MOBA)

  • DotC Design: Morphed, tZork, SoulKeeper_p, Hhondar
  • Game Art: Morphed, SoulKeeper_p
  • Game Logic: tZork, Mand1nga
  • Testing: SoulKeeper_p, Hhondar
  • Web & Media: SoulKeeper_p
  • Sound: Chooksta

DotC team (alphabetical order):
Chooksta | CuBe0wL | DiaboliK | Hhondar | Mand1nga | Morphed | Nifrek | SoulKeeper_p | tZork


Mode has two teams, each has a Core wich the other team needs to destroy to win the match. Players (re)spawn at their core. Each base emits 'drone squads', groups of AI units that move toward the enemy base and attack other teams units.

Key concepts

The core

Each team has one Core, if this core is destroyed the team is deafeated.

  • Players spawn by their teams Core.
  • The Core is uppgraded by collecting credits.
  • The Core's level determines the players spawn items, health and armour.
  • The Core's level determines the strength of its teams drone squads.

The drone factories

Each Core has one or more drone factories.

  • Drone factories automatically produces squads of autonomous drones.
  • Drone factories only produce up to a set number of squads.
  • Once maximum squads are produced, it will not produce a new one until an old one is totally destroyed.
  • The factories can be destroyed, rendering them inert for the duration of the match.

Drone squads

Drone squads are a collection of AI's that will follow a predefined path.

  • Drone squads will stop and engage any unit of the otehr team it may come across.
  • Drones will NOT engage neutral's (see bullet 5). Nor will neutrals engage them.
  • Drones will, when destroyed by a player, drop a 'credit token'.
  • Drones strength are determined by teams Core level.


Credits are the method of winch the team upgrades their core

  • When a player destroyes a enemy drone, the drone drops a credit token.
  • If this token is picked up by a player, some credits are gained by hes team.
  • Once enough credits are aquierd by a team, their core is upgraded. (see The Core)


Neutrals are indifferent to any and all teams. Everyone that gets to close will be attacked.

  • Neutrals do not attack drones, nor do drones attack them.
  • Neutrals will attack players.
  • Neutrals are generally much harder to defeat then normal drones or turrets (see 6)
  • If a player defeats a neutral and picks up its token, hes team gets a bonus
  • Bonus can be:
    • A large sum of credits
    • A powerful item (like a vehicle)
    • Unlocking a item at spawn time for all team members (eg a weapon, amour or health boost)

Turrets / Guardians

Each team can have turrets placed arround the map.

  • Turrets are very tough to kill and deal much damage.
  • Turrets do not respawn once deafeated



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