DotC backstory
In the year 2063, humanity moves beyond the solar system in a search for habitable planets and a newly discovered source of energy; a stable element with an extremely high atomic number.
Traces of the isotope were first found on the moons of Jupiter. Elarium possesses the power to create energy “and matter” with the force and urgency of an new weapon.
Two rival corporations control the push for the rare isotope; NAND Corporation and the XOR Global Tech. Each fires volleys of pinpoint satellites into the spiral arm, with the hope of finding new sources of the isotope. These are followed by slow moving engineering frigates to extract the mineral and establish colonies.
There are no rules on planet fall. Battles are to the death when both corporations stake a claim.
The Core AI uses Elarium to create machinery, habitats, weapons and energy.
Entire metropolises have been birthed by a single core, beyond the brutal combat of establishment. Each won claim extends the reach of the parent corporation; allowing for its families to reach further into space.

You are a soldier-engineer in employ of a corporation. Your mission is to protect the mining Core while it extracts the isotope and to destroy the opposing facility. You operate on the frontier. When one core is established you move to the next, establishing the logic gates that will allow civilization to prosper behind you.
Your team is always changing; as green ones die and veterans take their place, but the job is always the same; Defense of the Core.

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